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Space Buddies

occhiblusf and I just got done watching the Blu-Ray DVD of Space Buddies. (Non-Blu-ray link: Widescreen 1.78:1 Space Buddies DVD.)

We enjoyed it greatly. It would probably have gone better in a household with a small child, but there was plenty to keep a middle-aged doctor amused while he wolfed down gluten-free pizza and sorghum beer. The plot is pretty basic: dogs go on a field trip, get automatically fitted for doggie space suits, accidentally get rocketed into space where they have some sci-fi-ish adventures. The Queen of England has a cameo, and there is an engaging subplot about a Russian Laika-like named Spudnik. Best of all, there are some manufactured bloopers featuring things like dogs voiding urine into their space suit!

I ordered this with the thought of enjoying it as a mindless evening's divertissement, and it delivered as promised: a Disney movie about talking dogs in space. There is a game bundled with the movie; your kids can hunt for up to 100 items as the movie plays, which ought to keep them riveted in a vegetal torpor for 20 to 500 hours of rewatching.

Go buy it, already. You know you want to.
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