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jazz and conversation, from the foot of Mt Belzoni

TUBPOG-S, Easter edition

I have been having an annoying issue at work where my networked fax printer would take longer and longer to bring up the menu for a fax job. Finally it got to the point where it is dropping 2 out of every 3 fax send requests; the third hangs the computer for 90 to 135 seconds while it processes it.

Oddly, printing to hard copy worked just fine.

After troubleshooting for months, fruitlessly (the problem went away for about 3 months for no identifiable reason), the fax printer started to make an unusual tone instead of the standard keypress tone. I therefore suspected hardware, as I should have done months ago. So I trucked in the home device, identical to the work device, and swapped 'em.

Problem solved.

Of interest: the home device was a replacement. The original had to be replaced because of hardware failure: quit powering on a week after I received it.

The offending devices were all Hewlett-Packard LaserJet nf2727 models. 2 out of 3 defective. That is not exactly a great track record, and earns Hewlett-Packard the title of producer of Terminally, Utterly Broken Pieces of Garbage-Shit.

I was surprised. I've had HP printers for years and nary a problem. I used one HP printer for 14 years and it was flawless until I could no longer justify buying new USB to parallel interfaces for it anymore. Should've kept it.
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