jazz and conversation, from the foot of Mt Belzoni (ikkyu2) wrote,
jazz and conversation, from the foot of Mt Belzoni

An odd decision

On the face of it, I made an odd decision today.

Since March 5th, I've spent probably 50 or 60 hours dealing with trying to get Dell to ship me 5 computers for my new office. They maxed out my business credit card with 2 authorizations for the same order, then canceled the order after a third attempt - this one an actual debit - wouldn't go through. (Let's not even talk about all the other things that got cancelled, that I was trying to pay for on that same credit card, during a busy move, resulting in probably 20 or 30 hours of wasted staff time.) Reinstatement of the order was handled by a third-tier support person, who promised me it would ship next day air at no additional fee from (slightly upgraded) parts in stock. A week later, I contacted that person to find out why I'd gotten no ship notice - and he got back to me the next day telling me what he'd ordered was discontinued.

As we entered the entire conversation again about why the windows 7 boxes with XP mode he'd helpfully re-ordered for me wouldn't work with my EMR (electronic medical record) - it had taken 30 minutes the last time to make him understand that, even if Windows 7 is REALLY REALLY good, my EMR is known not to work on it - I got fed up and told him to cancel everything. I frankly did not have the capacity to remain polite for a second iteration of that conversation, and I knew it.

Apple hardware is now en route to my office. Some of it has already shipped, because I spent 5 minutes on the Apple website, configuring and ordering it. It will run, initially, XP on Boot Camp. It is higher-spec hardware. It cost less. I know when it arrives it will be right, and if it isn't I know it'll take like 10 minutes to get it made right.

"Seriously, ikkyu2? Apple hardware, with the Apple tax, for enterprise - for small business? Ha, ha, you must really be a zealot!"

No, actually, it was the smart move. It was, as we say in my little neurology office, the "no-brainer."

There are EMRs that run native on Mac OS. Did you know that?
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