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jazz and conversation, from the foot of Mt Belzoni

New Onkyo; holiday cheer to all

My mother's train is late, and occhiblusf is entertaining her family who are in town for the holidays, so I have an unexpected, unallotted hour at home in an awake, fed state. I will use it to write a journal entry.

I have bought a new Onkyo receiver, the TX-NR1008, which I reviewed here. The review is pretty comprehensive so if you're interested, read more about it.

I hooked it up to a pair of concentric-cone Tannoy System II 6 Near Field Monitors that haineux gave me, lo these many years ago; and then, in an orgy of Amazon Christmastime discounting, added this Infinity subwoofer which I reviewed in this review. It has taken a while to get all the settings right - the sub should crossover at 60 Hz, and Audyssey sets the speaker levels for surround sound movies, not music - but once it was right, it became a thing of beauty. Along with the new red oak floors we put in - and yes, those are part of the musical experience - I am back to close to the levels of musical nirvana I used to experience in my old Manhattan apartment, except I no longer have to play the guitar to get there.

So I was inspired to go back to a box that hasn't been open for the last 4 moves; dig out the old 120 GB Western Digital Caviar hard drive; and put it into the enclosure and connect it up to the laptop. Yes; my music collection is all still there; only a couple tracks seem to have been corrupted by cosmic rays.

I must have listened to Cake's "Never There" a thousand times over crappy TV speakers, headphones, little PC speakers, but I never realized that the words are "A candle's fickle flame." I always thought he was saying "A candlestick o' flame," which I thought was a lame lyric for John McCrea. Finally with this setup I could hear it right. And boy, all that loungey triphoppy stuff I used to listen to? First of all - it gives this sub a workout, and it is a very musical sub. And second, some of this stuff is mixed really badly with waaaay too much compression. So it's nice; some of my music has gotten better, some has gotten worse.

It is nice having music out on the patio. The receiver has 9 amps and L/R outs for unpowered subs, so it can in theory do a 9.2 setup. Right now I have it set up to power 2 speakers on the patio, and I have the sub; and the two Tannoys, which are bi-amped (the tweeter and woofer are powered each by a separate amp.) That leaves 2 amps left over for the surround L and surround R speaker, yet to be acquired.

I was going to write about football, but occhiblusf and her brother have arrived, so that is it for the one hour of alone, awake, time I get in this house this calendar quarter. I hope you enjoyed it.
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