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ikkyu2's Journal

jazz and conversation, from the foot of Mt Belzoni
*Ikkyu the whole day singing boozing so great so fully here he built a bridge no one uses 10,000 miles long*

Ikkyu was one of the great Zen Buddhist mystics. I am neither Ikkyu nor Buddhist nor drunk, and any greatness I may have is strictly at your own risk.

"Hey, kids! I made myself a LiveJournal!"

"Ick! You, too?"

More seriously: Most of my posts are friendslocked. If I haven't known you well for several years, I'm unlikely to let you read them - no offense intended. If you are on my friendslist, here are some guidelines:

  1. Please don't copy or excerpt my friendslocked posts anywhere.
  2. Please don't link my journal to my real name on the Internet.
  3. Please don't give out my contact information, especially my cell phone number to anyone without my particular permission. LJ email forwarding is turned on - that should be good enough.
  4. Do not send me a 'virtual gift' for any reason.